WWE Raw: India’s Veer Mahaan and Mysterio family’s REVENGE! [Watch Video]

WWE Raw: India's Veer Mahaan and father-son duo Rey, Dominic Mysterio's REVENGE [Watch Video]
Image credits: WWE

A video of WWE star Veer Mahaan aka Rinku Singh from India being attacked by father-son duo Rey Mysterio and Dominic Mysterio has gone viral on internet. The video shows Rey Mysterio and Dominic Mysterio chasing out the Indian wrestler out of the ring in May 23,2022 WWE Raw episode. Veer Mahaan came close to attacking Jerry The King Lawler, who was interviewing him. After a series of insults, the Indian wrestler snatched the microphone from his hand before eyeballing him.

As Veer Mahaan was about to attack Jerry,  Rey Mysterio and Dominic Mysterio entered the arena and saved him. The interview was an amazing opportunity for fans to see Veer Mahaan open up as he has been relatively quiet since making his debut. As Lawler began the interview, he made fun of Veer Mahaan’s hair. He also told the wrestler that Rey Mysterio and Dominic Mysterio made fun of him backstage. 

WWE Raw: India's Veer Mahaan and Mysterio family's REVENGE! [Watch Video]
Image credits: WWE

Veer Mahaan began roughing up the pair before they managed to get into the ring and get past The Lion, who landed outside of the ring. Every time Mahaan tried to re-enter the arena, the duo kicked him out. Eventually, Mahaan gave up and stormed off backstage.

Speaking about the incident, Talk Jerry Lawler said,” I didn’t know what to expect from Veer Mahaan. That was the first time I had been around the guy. Usually, if I’m talking to somebody for the first time, I try to disarm them with a little bit of humor [but] this guy has no sense of humor… None, whatsoever. My jokes… maybe they weren’t the greatest jokes in the world, but it really upset me.”

Watch video: Veer Mahaan Vs Mysterio family

“All of a sudden, I’m standing there with this guy that’s so imposing, scary looking, sounds like, I don’t know, whatnot. And all of a sudden I think he’s going to attack me. I don’t know what to do. Thank God, The Mysterios came out,” he added.

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