WWE: RKBRO makes a statement against Bloodline


WWE SmackDown presented yet another great episode for the WWE fans and many new chapters to the on going story lines

RKBRO vs The Usos

In the most recent Pay Per View, WWE WrestleMania Backlash, The Bloodline overcame their biggest challenge yet and defeated Drew McIntyre alongwith RKBRO.

RKBRO was still not done with Bloodline and wanted to unify the tag team title, the opportunity they missed before.


RKBRO kicked off Friday Night SmackDown and challenged Bloodline once again for the title unification.

Riddle pinned Sami Zayn in the beginning of the show and then got face to face with the Bloodline alongside his partner Randy Orton.

The Show came to an end with Riddle surprising Roman Reigns with a knee and making a statement to whole Bloodline

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