5 best editing apps for aesthetic Instagram pictures

editings apps for instagram pictures
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Have you ever wondered? how  Instagram pictures of creators and influencers are aesthetically beautiful. You might be curious to know the tricks. So, the answer is, editing apps.

You don’t even need to be a tech savvy or need big budget laptops. You can easily use these editing apps in your android or iOS smartphones to get aesthetic Instagram pictures.

Let’s explore features and perks of these editing apps to make your Instagram pictures aesthetically beautiful.

This editing app is most popular among the creators to make their Instagram pictures aesthetic. This app is not only best for photo editing but also for graphic design, website development and many more.

You can create, edit and add effects into your pictures. You can even add frames, texts and make collage in this editing app.

Adobe lightroom cc

If you are a photographer or love to edit your photos to make it more pleasing,this is best for you. You can add more colours, adjust lighting in your Instagram pictures.

It has all the advanced tools for a perfect and professional photo. The best part is, this is a free editing app.

Enlight Pixaloop(coolest editing apps for Instagram pictures)

Are you someone  who experiments a lot with their Instagram pictures? . If yes, try this app at least once. This is a mind-blowing app to create boomerangs, GIFs and animated pictures or videos.

This amazing app makes animation much easier for you. You can also add moving effects in your still images.


Insta size, this editing app has premium options to enhance your basic Instagram pictures. You can add colours, filters to enhance your picture quality.

This app allows you to make your pictures pleasing and aesthetic.


This editing app is best for creating aesthetic Instagram and Snapchat stories. This app is used by many popular creators and influencers.

If you don’t know much about photo editing apps, this app is quite good for you as a beginner. It offers aesthetic texts, fonts and templates to create engaging Instagram stories.

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