5G Technology rollout near US airports gives shivers to world airlines

5G Technology rollout near US airports gives shivers to world airlines

5G technology: Airlines across the globe will be making major adjustments in their schedules and aircraft deployments for flights to the U.S.

This comes over fears that a 5G technology rollout by AT&T Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc. could potentially interfere with key air safety systems.

As per Dubai’s Emirates Airline, it will suspend flights to several U.S. cities. Japan Airlines Co. and ANA Holdings Inc. said Tuesday that they will drop some routes and would not fly their 777 jets to and from the U.S. mainland after a warning from Boeing Co.

Also, Korean Air Lines Co. said that its 777 and 747-8 aircraft are affected by the 5G rollout and hence it is rearranging its fleet.

Air India Ltd. has also warned flights to the U.S. will be curtailed or revised from January 19.

These concerns arise from potential interference with sensitive navigation equipment used during landings in poor weather.

5G Technology

But the 5G technology rollout could potentially lead to catastrophic disruptions.

The frequencies within the C-band being used for the 5G services are near airwaves which are used by aircraft radar altimeters. These track altitude and allow landings in bad weather. They also feed multiple critical safety systems. Therefore, disruptions in any of it might lead to catastrophe.

However, AT&T and Verizon have now agreed to delay switching on hundreds of 5G technology cell towers near U.S. airports.

This comes after last-minute talks raised major safety concerns with the government officials.

On the other hand, President Joe Biden said Tuesday that the agreement will avoid potentially devastating disruptions to passenger travel; there will be no disruptions to cargo operations and a recovery in the economy.

When it comes to 5G technology, the wireless communications systems use radio frequencies which are also known as spectrum. These carry information through the air. 5G operates in the same way, but it uses higher radio frequencies that are less cluttered.

This is how it carries more information at a much faster rate.

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