A new Luggage carrier that will automatically follow you without any touching

A new Luggage carrier that will automatically follow you without any touching
Image: Piaggio Luggage

Various brands have been coming up with innovative smart backpacks and luggage carriers.

Piaggio Fast Forward has developed a modern version of the cargo hauler in a compact backpack form.

This is a further addition to an automated luggage carrier dubbed Gita. The newer variant Gitamini is also pronounced Jee-Tah mini.

The company is also aiming to launch the product in the market soon.

The backpack is essentially a compact luggage carrier that can intelligently follow its owner without them having to touch it to make them follow.

The original Gita could carry up to 18 kgs of luggage. Also, it can run at up to 9kmph speed to keep up with its owner.


This time Piaggio Fast Forward designed the Gitamini to overcome the issues of its predecessor.

This Gitamini is comparably compact to Gita. It is about half the size of the previous version and weighs 12 kgs.

Since it is an automated carrier, you won’t need to carry it around.

Moreover, it comes with an extendable handle to pull around like regular baggage or hoist it up the stairs or sidewalks.

Gitamini comes with a battery that can power the automated carrier to run for up to 6 hours or go up to 33kms.

It comes with advanced optics and machine vision technology to intelligently find, recognize, and follow its owner through crowded spaces.

Furthermore, it does not require any GPS, wireless, or any kind of network connection to do so.

Plus, the wheels of this robotic luggage are independently powered, enabling it to make zero-radius turns.

A third motor also helps maintain the overall balance of the Gitamini during acceleration and deceleration.

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