Alexa will answer questions you haven’t even asked yet

The Alexa voice assistant has got an upgrade and it is all set to do something new for you. A new Amazon blog post suggests that Alexa will soon offer follow-up questions or suggestions that predict your “latent goals.”

Although this feature is new, it might not come as a surprise for regular Alexa users. For over a year, Amazon has been releasing “hunches”, a feature that allows Alexa to predict what home devices you may wish to toggle at various times.

So, Amazon will now expand the prompts like lock the door as you switch off the lights at night into a more general context.

This move is part of Amazon’s vision of the “ambient home,” where a voice assistant doesn’t operate as a remote control but can also predict and in some cases it can be proactive administrator of a connected home environment.

The new feature also comes close on the heels of the “natural turn-taking” (or give-and-take conversation) announced by Amazon in September.