Amazon goofs up? Man orders mouthwash, gets a Redmi Note 10 instead

Amazon goofs up
Image credits: @lokeshdaga/Twitter

And Amazon ‘goofs up’ again! Well, Amazon’s mistakes sometimes becomes boon to its customers. In a similar incident, luck smiled at a Mumbai-based man when he placed an order for a mouthwash on Amazon but received a Redmi Note 10 instead.

Lokesh Daga took it to Twitter to inform about this goof-up to both the e-commerce giant and the smartphone firm.

In his Twitter post, Daga said that he had placed an order with Amazon for four Colgate mouthwash bottles on May 10 and it billed for Rs 396. However, when the order reached his doorsteps, he found a Redmi Note 10 costing Rs 13,000 instead, leaving him completely surprised.

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Amazon goofs up?

“Hello, @amazonIN ordered a Colgate mouth wash via ORDER # 406-9391383-4717957 and instead of that got a @RedmiIndia note 10. Since mouth was in a consumable product returns are restricted and am unable to request a return via the app,” Daga wrote while sharing a picture of his order details and the Smartphone he received.

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However, in the tweet thread, Daga also made it clear that the packing label was on his name but the invoice belonged to someone else.

“I have emailed you as well to get the product delivered to the right person,” he added.

Headphones instead of skin lotion!

Well, this is not the first time that Amazon is involved in a goof-up. Recently, a Pune-based man had ordered a skin lotion worth Rs 300 but he ended up receiving a pair of wireless headphones worth Rs 19,000. He was lucky enough as Amazon asked him to keep the product as it was non-refundable.

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