Apple iPad Pro 2021 vs iPad 2020: Which one should you buy?

apple iPad Pro 2021 vs iPad Pro 2020
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Apple has launched its 2021 version of iPad pro and now, people are going gaga over its improvements over the last iPad Pro 2020. Here we have listed all important features of Apple iPad Pro 2021 vs iPad 2020.

Are someone who has purchased an iPad Pro 2020 and thinking of either upgrading it with a newer model? Here is some head-to-head comparison of Apple iPad Pro 2021 vs iPad 2020 to go over before making any purchase. In any case, you are a new buyer of the Apple iPad. You should go through this article to make the best purchasing decision.

Design (Apple iPad Pro 2021 vs iPad 2020)

The new Apple iPad Pro 2021 has received some improvements in its design. These improvements are not that eye-catching but could be visible while using. In terms of color and design, the new model has the same two variants (silver or space grey) as the former one.

In the new Apple iPad Pro 2021, the USB-C port is designed to support Thunderbolt and USB 4 connectivity.  It is a great enhancement as you can connect a 6K resolution external display.

Apart from all these changes in design, some basic features are still the same, as the new model also has two size variants (11-inch and 12.9-inch) like the former model. The Apple iPad Pro 2021 is quite thicker than iPad Pro-2020.

Display and camera

The iPad Pro 2020 and Apple iPad Pro 2021 have almost the same display but later one has some modifications.

The iPad Pro 2020 has an IPS LCD panel with different resolutions in each variant. The 11-inch variant has a resolution of 2388×1668 and the 12.9-inch variant has a resolution of 2732×2048 with brightness up to 600 nits.

This model has a P3 wide color and true tone along with Apple’s pro – motion for the production of the smooth video with crisp color.

When it comes to the Apple iPad Pro 2021, its 11-inch variant has the same display as the former model. Whereas in the 12.9-inch variant Apple has replaced the IPS LCD panel with a Mini-LED panel to increase its brightness up to 1600 nits. This mini-LED panel has 10,000 tiny LEDs (far more in number compared to the former model) and 25,000 dimming zones.

Just like the former model Apple iPad Pro 2021 also has a 12MP dual-pixel camera on the back and a 10 MP wide camera, along with a 3D ToF LiDAR scanner but this new model also has a new setup for the front camera.

This update in front camera is useful while video calling, it gives a clear 122-degree field of view to enhance your video call experience too while moving. This new model also has an M1 chip to enhance results in a low-light environment.

Specifications, features, and battery

There are a lot of modifications in the Apple iPad Pro 2021 as compared to the ipad Pro 2020. To support the Apple Pencil and Magic keyboard in iPad Pro 2020, it has an A12Z Bionic chipset with a neural engine. It sports a M12 motion coprocessor.

Apple iPad Pro 2021 features M1 processor  same as MacBook pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini. It has eight core processor and eight core GPU to support 50% faster CPU performance and 40% faster graphics than the former model.

Both the models Apple iPad Pro 2021 and iPad Pro 2020 comes with a battery life of 10 hours on a single charge.

Apple iPad Pro 2021 vs iPad 2020: Price range

The pricing depends on some features. In iPad Pro 2020, the 11-inch variant comes with a starting price of Rs 71,900 in India for the 128 GB only Wi-Fi and 85,900 for Wi-Fi + cellular one. The 12.9 variant has a starting price of Rs 89, 900 for only Wi-Fi edition and 1,03, 900 for Wi-Fi + cellular one.

In Apple iPad Pro 2021 for the Wi-Fi model of 11-inch variant , the price is Rs 71,900 and Rs 85, 900 for Wi-Fi + cellular one. For the 12.9 – inch variant, Wi-Fi model has a price of 99,900 and the Wi-Fi + cellular model starts from 1,13,900.

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