Elon Musk claims to have a monkey that plays video games

Elon Musk to have a monkey that plays video games

One of his startups has a monkey with a brain implant, and this Monkey can play video games, Elon Musk, the Chief Executive officer of Tesla Inc, claimed on January 31, 2021.

“He’s a happy monkey,” said Musk

He had revealed this in an informal interaction hosted on an audio-based social group app, Clubhouse, in March 2020.

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When asked about the latest developments at San Francisco-based Neuralink, Elon Musk said “We have a monkey with a wireless implant in their skull with tiny wires who can play video games with his mind.”

“You can’t see where the implant is and he’s a happy monkey. We have the nicest monkey facilities in the world. We want them to play mind-Pong with each other.”

“There are primitive versions of this device with wires sticking out of your head, but it’s like a Fitbit in your skull with tiny wires that go into your brain,” he said.

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