Facebook back on negotiation table with Australia

Facebook back on negotiation table with Australia
Image: Pexels

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Saturday that Facebook is back at the negotiation table.

He informed that the tech giant is back to talks after blocking news sites in Australia.

Services ranging from fire, health to meteorology in the country experienced problems with their Facebook pages.

While several other serious public emergencies are also struggling due to the ban. After the tussle, Facebook moved to block news content in Australia. The government is going to adopt legislation that would force digital platforms to pay for news content.

Moreover, The government has been urging people to visit the website instead of the Facebook page for weather updates.

Why is it Australia vs Facebook?

It apparently rises from a dispute over a planned law that would force tech giants Facebook and Google to pay for news content in Australia.

This code of law will address the media’s loss of advertising revenue to US tech firms. Furthermore, If these laws are passed, this could have global consequences for tech firms. It will also impact how we access news online, especially Facebook in Australia.

Inevitably, Facebook has pushed back. It resorted to restricting news content in Australia.

Facebook back on negotiation table

“I’m pleased Facebook has decided, it would seem, to tentatively friend us again and get those discussions going again … to ensure that the protections we want to put in place to ensure we have a free and democratic society that is supported by an open news media can continue,” Scott Morrison informed Saturday.

Later Facebook pledged to reverse bans on pages according to reports. Also, the government says that the code will initially focus on Google and Facebook, but could soon include other tech companies.

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