Facebook Down: App, Website stop working for many users

Facebook outage: App and Website are not working for many users
Image taken from Pexels

Facebook web app is currently failing to load because its website and app are down today, the social media giant Facebook said in a notification issued minutes after it realized about the issue faced by the users on April 30, 2021.

“It’s not just you: Facebook’s website and apps are down. We’re seeing messages flowing in on social media and the Facebook web app is currently failing to load. Posts, notifications, and groups are not loading in the app. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more,” the social media company said it its notification to the users.

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According to the reports, the social media giant’s app and website were primarily affected by this outage. #FacebookDown began trending on Twitter.

During this outage, some of the users also faced problems while using Instagram and Facebook’s other features.

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