Facebook making Neural Sensor capable of reading human brains?

With the advancement of technology and infrastructures around the world, privacy concerns have become commonplace in daily debates. It was only last week that WhatsApp’s new privacy policy had rung the alarm bells all across the globe, owing to its invasive nature.

The list of concerns does not stop here, it goes on. Facebook is reportedly working on a tool that can read people’s minds and convert their thoughts into actions. Making the best possible use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the new world entrepreneurs are trying their best to mine as much data as possible.
The neural sensor will almost work like other products of its ilk.

For this neural device, Facebook had announced its plans at the company’s annual meeting. The initial reports suggest that the neural sensor will be capable of capturing the brain waves coming from humans and decode the thoughts into actions accordingly.

Mark Zuckerberg and his big aspirations have often come into legal tussles over data mining and privacy concerns. Facebook has acquired WhatsApp and Instagram and it could sooner be a reality when you will log into your Insta feed and your mind will be read by the sensors, who knows.