Facebook vs Apple: Did Facebook remove blue tick from Apple’s page?

Facebook and Apple are at loggerheads over the issue of app permission and how it may hamper the business of the social media giant. Mark Zuckerberg-owned company is doing everything it can to influence millions that what Apple is doing will ruin many people’s businesses.

Recently, it got an ad claiming the same, while it was reported that Facebook removed the blue tick or unverified the company’s page on its website to show its hatred towards the iPhone maker.

Popular social media consultant, Matt Navarra first noticed this. “Facebook removed verification from Apple’s blue checkmark page,” he wrote.

However, he was also mentioned that Apple’s page was never verified. According to Facebook, the page was never verified because administrators never started the review process.

It should be noted that other pages like Apple TV, Apple Store, and Apple Music show the blue tick. There is also a verified tick mark on Instagram, a Facebook platform, on the company’s home page.

The privacy row between Facebook and Apple broke out a week ago. The main topic of discussion is the changes that Apple made in iOS 14.4 for iPhones. The version of the operating system is expected to go live next year, and iPhone users will need to give permission for apps to track them for promotional purposes.

Currently, Facebook tracks users between applications. They say it helps them connect small businesses with customers and offer personalised ads. The introduction of detailed permissions by

Apple would hamper this, as Facebook believes that most users will deny permission to track them between apps.