Facebook working on a smartwatch with health features

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Image taken from Pexels

Facebook aims higher and higher. It now plans to launch a Facebook smartwatch. This will further expand its hardware aspirations. According to reports, however, the smartwatch will offer usual array of fitness, messaging, and notification features.

According to the reports, Facebook smartwatch will come out by next year. The first version will run an open source version of Android.

The report also highlights that Facebook is concurrently working on its own hardware operating system.

Moreover, there is no price estimate available as of now. Earlier, Facebook had announced its plans at the company’s annual meeting. The social media giant planned a neural sensor which will be capable of capturing the brain waves coming from humans and decode the thoughts into actions accordingly.

Mark Zuckerberg and his big aspirations have often come into legal tussles over data mining and privacy concerns. Facebook has acquired WhatsApp and Instagram and it could sooner be a reality when you will log into your Insta feed and your mind will be read by the sensors, who knows.

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