Facebook’s Neighbourhood: All you need to know

Facebook’s Neighbourhood: All you need to know
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Social media giant Facebook Inc has rolled out a new feature app called ‘Neighbourhood’ on the main app.

This new feature offers many services similar to Nextdoor. Currently available in Canada, the feature app will soon be launched in the United States.

The Neighbourhood enables users to connect outside the news feed of Facebook.

Users will have to create a profile on Neighbourhood. This Neighbourhood profile will be separate from the main Facebook profile of a user.

After creating a Neighbourhood profile, the users will become able to join the discussion with those who live close to them.

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What is it?

It is a section of the Facebook App that is dedicated to the neighborhood of the users. It will use the same name, profile photo, and cover photo being used by a user on his/her Facebook profile.

How does it work?

After successfully creating a profile on Neighbourhood, users will become able to join the discussion with their neighbors. The users can also start a new discussion by creating a post on the subject.

Neighbourhood Groups

Those who live close to each other in the locality can create and join a group. It will help people to know, talk and meet others who are living around them.

Places & Recommendations

This feature will allow users to suggest to their neighbors about the place and businesses to visits.

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