FAU-G v/s PUB-G- 5 top differences

FAU-G also known as the Fearless and United Guards, is all set to be released in December and is making a huge popularity ever since its appearance on the Google Play Store.

Termed to be the rival of popular game PUBGG, the Fearless and United Guards (FAU-G) activated its pre-registration link for Android on the occasion of Gurupurab on November 30.

Ever since PUBG Mobile was banned in India by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology alongside 118 apps on September 2, gamers across India are speculating the comeback of the game.

While there are countless claims about PUBG Mobile’s comeback that have taken the internet by the storm, the PUBG Mobile India is still struggling to have a meet with the Indian government.

On the other hand, PUBG Mobile’s rival game and Akshay Kumar’s FAU-G is just a few steps away from the official launch. With so many speculations, claims, news, hypes and expectations surrounding both PUBG and FAUG, gamers are believing these games will be competitors.

However, that is not true as far as the features of games are concerned. Having said that, let us discuss how FAU-G is going to be different from PUBG Mobile.

#1 PUBG Mobile is essentially a battle royale game. This mode strictly refers to a game that features a number of players who will be battling out with each other to remain the last man alive. on the other hand, FAU-G is officially set to feature the recent Galwan valley clash and hence there will be insurgents in the game. Probably, FAU-G will not be a battle royale game but it might include this mode in the upcoming future.

#2 Based on the gaming mode, it is being speculated that, alike PUBG Mobile, FAU-G will not be a player vs player game and probably it could be a co-op which means cooperative gameplay.

#3 FAU-G is set to feature melee combat without any guns involved. However, there are going to be melee weapons to be used against enemies. While PUBG Mobile also featured melee weapons, the main combat essentially includes guns.

#4 In FAU-G, which is a co-op game, will allow you to take down AI enemies in the game. However, AI enemies are not featured in PUBG Mobile.

#5 According to Vishal Gondal, FAU-G will be a game available in Third Person Perspective but PUBG Mobile also features this mode. However, FAU-G is set to be available in First Person Perspective as well.

Given that the gamers across India might be willing to try something new, these exclusive features of FAU-G might work in its favour.