Follow these steps to create Facebook Polls

Facebook polls can’t be created or posted directly on your timeline and news feed. For it, a poll creator needs to use a Facebook story.

It enables poll creators to ask questions, customise the suggested answers, and then engage others in the friend list to vote for their preferred option. Follow these steps if you want to create a poll on Facebook.

How to create a Facebook poll 

  • Open Facebook on your phone and go to your profile page
  • Click on the “Add to the story”
  • Swipe left and find the “poll” button.
  • On clicking the “Poll” button, you will be asked to “Ask a question…” with Yes/No answers.
  • Tap on each to customise your question and answers.
  • Check everything and hit “Done.”

You will receive instant reactions on your poll whenever anyone from the friend list votes for that.

How to create a group Facebook poll 

Follow these steps to create Facebook Poll in a group. It can be created in the group news feed. You can’t do it on a desktop computer and on Facebook App for Android or Ios.

  • Open and go to your Groups
  • Select any group and start sharing something by creating posts.
  • After clicking on the text box, a section that says “ Add to your post” will be displayed before you.
  • A 3-dot icon will be there next to “Add to your post” on your screen.
  • Click on Poll (?).
  • Create questions and give possible, customised answers for them.
  • Review your poll before finally posting it.