Free Fire: Here’s how to buy free diamonds?

Free Fire: Users may buy free diamonds and bundles this way

Free Fire enthusiasts know that its characters are don’t just possess unique abilities but have their own unique character costumes too.

On one hand, some bundles you can have by using the redeem codes, most of them require sending diamonds or the in-game currency.

Purchasing diamonds, on the other hand, means you need to spend a good amount of cash.

However, it is not easy to get character bundles for free but there are many simple workarounds to get these free diamonds in Free Fire.

Here is how you can get free diamonds in Garena’s BR game:

Google Opinion Rewards is one of the best and authentic ways to obtain your in-game currency. All that the users have to answer is the surveys, after which they will get the reward via the Google Play Credits or Google Play Balance.

Another way is Booyah. It is a dedicated gaming content sharing app is created by the developer of Free Fire.

The app hosts Free Fire events and competitions where players can easily participate to win diamonds.

Besides, there are many Instagram pages and YouTube channels that host regular giveaways. The Free fire enthusiast can take part in these giveaways and can grab free diamonds.

Garena also released redeem codes for several regions periodically. The redeem codes also offer weapon loot crates, gun skins, and backpacks, but free diamonds among others.


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