Gmail storage full? Check out easy ways to quickly free up space

ALERT: Gmail to get a 'New Look' from February 8

Gmail is a platform that is used by millions of people. It is used extensively from personal to professional form. However, the limited storage available in it sometimes becomes a problem for us. Let us tell you that only 15 GB storage is available for free on Google account. Apart from Gmail, this storage also includes data from Google Photos, Google Drive and other Google services. In such a situation, as soon as your data reaches 15 GB, then you will start getting notification of storage full. Today we are telling you how you can free up Gmail’s storage. There are two ways to do this:

First way

The first way to free up Gmail storage is to delete large emails. For this you have to use a trick.

  • You have to search by typing has:attachment larger:10M in your Gmail.
  • Doing so will fetch all emails larger than 10MB in size.
  • Now you have to select all those emails.
  • Unmark any email that you find useful.
  • Now press the Delete button.
  • After that go to the trash folder and tap the empty trash button.
  • This way you will free up Gmail to a great extent.

Second way

  • Now you need to unsubscribe all unnecessary emails. Mails that keep on coming, but are of no use to you. such as promotion mail and newsletters
  • Open such mail and tap on unsubscribe button below.
  • A pop up window will appear. Click “Unsubscribe” again.

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