Google brings a big update for Gmail, users will now experience new features

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New Delhi: Google has changed the design of its email service Gmail. The new update has been released to all users on a rollout basis. Earlier this year, the company shared information about this latest update. Due to the latest updates, users will get the option of Meet, Chat and Space etc. at one place. Moreover, users will also need to install less apps over time. Google update is not going to stop here, but it will reach many people in future as well.

Google intends to provide many special features for the tablet platform by the end of this year. After the new update, better emoji support, accessibility features and other upgrades can also be given. If you have got this update from Google, then check it and you can take advantage of the new interface. However, users who do not like the new interface can also switch to the old interface.

What’s the new interface?

In Google’s latest UI, users will see the buttons for Mail, Meet, Spaces and Chat on the left side. On the right side you will find some features on the side panel. At the bottom you will find the button for Show/Hide. The new update is part of Google’s workspace shoot, in which users will get a better unified design.

Image: Unsplash

You can choose the old interface if you do not like it

Under the new interface, users are going to get many new features. Here users can also turn off those apps and use the features they like easily. But if you want, you can also switch to the old interface.

How to switch to old interface?

Switching back to the old Gmail interface is very easy. First click on Settings on the right side. Find the option of Quick Settings. Select the original Gmail view.

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