Google: Disabled People can now use gestures on Android Phones

Google: Disabled People can now use gestures on Android Phones
Image: Pexels

Google says people with disabilities can now operate their Android smartphones hands-free.

There are two new tools that put machine learning and front-facing cameras on smartphones working on detecting face and eye movements.

Mobile users can scan their phone screens. They can select a task by smiling, raising eyebrows, opening their mouth, or using a variety of gestures.

Now Android will be more accessible for everyone.

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 61 million adults in the US live with disabilities.
This apparently pushed Google, Apple and Microsoft to make products and services more accessible to them.

The changes are a result of two new features. One is “Camera Switches,” which will let people use their faces instead of swipes and taps to interact with smartphones.

The second one is Project Activate. It is a new Android application that allows people to use those gestures to trigger an action.

It is possible for anyone to use eye movements and facial gestures.

This free Activate app is available in Australia, Britain, Canada, and the US at the Google Play shop.

Apple, Google, and Microsoft have been rolling out innovations that make Internet technology more accessible to people with disabilities.

A software identifies text on web pages or in images. It then reads it aloud.

Moreover, this feature also works with VoiceOver. Users can easily navigate Apple Watch with one hand while using a cane or leading a service animal.

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