Google global outage: All you need to know

Google services, including Gmail, Youtube, and ‘Google Search,’ were restored after a sudden global outage late in the evening hours on December 14, 2020.

The services of Google remained affected for 40 minutes, between 5.26 PM and 6.06 PM.

Around 9,000 users were reported to have faced problems in availing the services of Youtube. Similar issues were faced by the users on Gmail and Google search. Some of the users took to Twitter to share the problems being faced by them on the most-frequently-used services of Google.

The global outage, though resolved soon after it occurred, caused a loss of Rs. 9.41 crore.  Video contents with a cumulative duration of around 20000 hours could not be downloaded during the global outage.

Services that remained affected during outage

Gmail, Youtube, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slide, Sites, Groups, Hangout, Chat, Meet, Vault, Currents, Cloud Search, Keep, Task, Voice

Services that worked during this global outage

Google search engine and Google Map

Services like Cloud, Drive, and Docs also showed poor performance during the outage

According to the media reports, around 54 percent of users could not access the services of Youtube during the global outage. A total of 42 faced problems in uploading their video contents, while 3 percent of users failed even to log in on the platform. Besides this, around 75 percent of users couldn’t log in on Gmail, while a total of 15 percent of people failed to access the website. During this global outage, around  8 percent of its user base could not get their messages.

Around 180 cores people are using Gmail throughout the world, while Youtube has a user base of 200 crores people.   Gmail possesses 43 percent of the market share for providing the services of email. In 2020, around 306.4 billion messages are sent on this platform.