Google offers different backgrounds in ‘Meet’ for Android

Google to offer different backgrounds in Google Meet for Android
Image: Unsplash

Google is rolling out a new feature through which you can change your background in Google Meet for Android. Although, this feature is initially limited to pre-selected defaults and first came to desktops last October.

So it will no more be limited to your live surroundings but Google Meet for Android will now support different backgrounds.

This will include blurring or selecting one of Google’s hand-picked images, along with office spaces, landscapes, and abstract wallpapers. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE GOOGLE STORIES

Your video feed in Google Meet’s pre-call ‘green room’ will feature a new button. Tapping opens a carousel with two blur options, as well as the various presets.

In near future, you’ll also be able to set a custom image on mobile. Moreover, iPhone/iPad support is also coming soon. Google Meet backgrounds on Android are rolling out now and will be fully launched over the coming weeks.

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