Google Play Store reduces transactional fees to 15 per cent on subscription Apps

Google Play Store reduces transactional fees to 15 per cent on subscription Apps
Image: Unsplash

We all know that Google Play Store has millions of apps and games. It has countless apps for developers to earn a living. For quite some time, Google and Apple have been facing criticism for charging high commission fees to developers for selling paid apps on its digital marketplace.

Sooner, the company reduced the transactional fee from 30 per cent to 15 per cent earlier this year.

Now, Google has announced to further reduce the cut it takes from developers to boost their income.

On an official blog post on its Android forum. Google has just made this announcement. The recent change modifies its current business model that charges a 30 per cent service fee from developers selling paid apps on the Play Store for the first year, before reducing it down to 15 per cent.

What does it mean for the developers?

Those who are selling paid apps or services on the Play Store will no longer have to pay the 30 per cent fee for the first year. They will pay only a 15 per cent fee, starting from the first day itself.

Besides, Google also reduced the service fee in the Media Experience program.

Now onwards, ebooks and on-demand music streaming services will be eligible for a service fee as low as 10 per cent.

Moreover, Google now aims to boost the economy of developers.

It will publicly announce the changes to the Google Play Store and its latest developing tools, application programming interfaces (APIs), and other app-developing technologies during the Android Developer Summit scheduled for October 27-28.


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