Google Potato Chips – Heard of it yet?

Google Potato Chips - Heard of it yet?
Image: YouTube video grab

Google chips, eaten it yet? Google just unveiled its upcoming Pixel 6 series, earlier this year.

Also, the in-house Google Tensor chip will power the flagships.

Google has produced a special batch of Google Original potato chips in Japan.

As per reports, Google produced a batch of potato chips to promote its upcoming Pixel 6 series.

Specially, the Google Tensor chipset was developed by the company to power the upcoming devices. This happens to be a brand new promotional strategy, exclusive to Japan.

The search giant has even developed a dedicated website for its original potato chips.


Here, users could have applied to get one for themselves.

The packages were distributed randomly amongst 1,000 applicants by the lottery system.

During its Tensor promotional period, Google gave away around 10,000 units of its Original Chips.

Also, the packets come in the same colours as the Pixel 6 devices. The search giant also released an official promo video for the chips on Youtube.

Furthermore, this Tensor chip is the first-ever in-house system on chip (SoC). It is basically a chip designed for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) processing in data centres.

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