Google search adds a built-in Guitar feature for users

Google search adds a built-in Guitar feature for users
Google screengrab

Google Search has now added a fresh built-in tuner for users. This new feature will let you use the microphone on your phone or system to tune a guitar.

In order to access this feature, you just need to search for a Google tuner.

There you can play a string on the guitar. Then, Google will detect the note you are aiming for. It will accordingly tell you to tune up or tune down as required.

Moreover, the effectiveness of Google’s tuner seems to depend a lot on the hardware that you are using it with.

Also, it is way too reliant on the quality of the mic of your device.

Besides, there is no way to easily plug in an electric guitar to avoid having to worry about background noise.

But if you still wish to play it, you can easily play this Google Guitar.

This latest rollout was first spotted by Android Police. Google unveiled this instrument tuner feature on the search platform on October 7.

Furthermore, Google previously has introduced several features for its platforms.

It also released Chrome 94 stable update with new security features, new functionality, and bug fixes.

Recently, the search giant announced eco-friendly routing, lite navigation.


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