How to avoid spoilers and mute keywords on Twitter

With some of the cult classic movies and TV series like Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and Avengers: Endgame, it is just downright hard to avoid spoilers. Internet is one such place where, where, if you’re not extremely careful, you’ll easily find spoilers for your favorite TV shows, movies, and live sports.

To name a few, Twitter and Facebook are one such major platforms that are flooded with maximum spoilers. There are two options to keep yourself away from the spoiler and in the dark. One: get off the web, wait till you have finished watching the movie or series and come back after few hours or days.

This one seems practically impossible. The second option is, muting keywords on Twitter. Yes, you heard it. Twitter has made the platform safe for people who are spoiler avoidant.

Twitter gives you the option to mute a particular keyword that you don’t want to see on twitter. Let’s understand how you can mute keywords on twitter

#1 Log into twitter and click on your icon in the top right corner. You will get this icon in between the search bar and “tweet” option.

#2 Under the menu bar, click on “settings and privacy”

#3 Now, you will land on your account settings page. Under this list you will see a number of options at the left. Choose “Muted words”

#4 Under this option, you can click on “add”

#5 In the textbox, you can add the keywords or phrases that you want to mute on Twitter. The platform will allow you to set the time for how long you want to mute the keywords.

#6  Once you are done writing the phrase and keywords in the text box, you can click on “Add”. Similarly, you can mute every word and phrase that you want to keep yourself away from. By clicking on the pencil sign, you can edit the muted words. To unmute the muted words and phrases, you can choose speaker with a line through it.

With just a few changed steps, you can do follow this process on your Twitter Mobile application to mute a particular word or phrase.