How to charge smartphones?

Many smartphone users often complain about the battery of their phones.

Sometimes their complaints are about the life of their battery after one full recharge, while other times it is related to the time taken by their batteries for recharging themselves. To help smartphone users to overcome this, we have enlisted some tips to recharge a phone.

Don’t charge your phone up to 100 per cent

A Lithium-ion battery loses some of its capacity when it is charged fully. Most smartphones are powered by these Lithium-ion batteries. So, avoid charging your phone up to 100 percent if you want to ensure a longer life for the battery of your phone.

Keep your phone between 40 and 80 per cent battery

Google, the developer of the Android operating system, says that if you want better performance, then keep your phone’s battery between 40% and 80%. Don’t let it go down below 20 percent.  Always unplug your phone from the charger before it goes above 90 per cent of charging.

Check if your charger is properly plugged

While charging, always check if the charger is properly connected to the port or not. If it remains unfit, stop using it. It can damage the charging slots of the phone if continue using it.

Wireless charging 

Wireless charging is in vogue these days. But it isn’t healthy for the battery’s life. A wireless charger generates heat as its process to recharge a battery. This unnecessary heat warms the charging area of a battery, which may damage a battery also.

Don’t use a duplicate phone charger

Smartphone users often prefer to buy a cheap, local charger when their original charger is damaged. These chargers are extremely harmful for the life of batteries of your phones.  They have no scale and can also damage the phone.

Restart your phone at least once a month

If you want to make your phone’s battery more durable, always restart your phone at least once a month. This will also help you to improve your phone’s health.