Instagram building this important feature for users! Favourites

Instagram building this important feature for users! Favourites
Image: Pexels

Instagram is in the process of developing a new feature called ‘Favorites’. It would allow users to select certain accounts whose posts they would like to see higher in their feed.

This is a similar way or say feature that already exists on Facebook.

Basically, users will be able to control their feed.

But it remains unclear what limit an Instagram Favorites feature would have, when it comes to choosing favourites.

As per reports, Instagram users will be able to search across the accounts they are currently following to create a list of Favorites.

One can edit the list at any time, and Instagram notes that users would not be notified when they are added to someone’s Favorites.

It is to be noted that a Favorites feature could play an important role when it comes to Instagram’s larger plans to better establish itself as a home for creator content.

A Favorites feature could also be useful for those who would rather want to see the important photos and videos they think they should.

Although Instagram is working on the development of Favorites, but when will it be ready for rollout remains to be seen.

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