iPhone 12 users complain of battery drain issue

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After the signal drop controversy, some users of iPhone 12 are now complaining a much higher battery drain rate than expected.

A user named Master26A on Apple’s Communities forums reported excessive battery drain on standby with his iPhone 12 Pro (purchased in late October) showing 4% battery drain on standby mode.

The forum was quickly flooded with more than thousands of such complaints, with users experiencing a 20-40% battery drain overnight.

Many complainants said that the battery issue persists even after disabling 5G and reducing background activity.

Most of the them who reported this issue own an iPhone 12 Pro and also pointed out that it is a hude dip as compared with the iPhone 11 Pro, even as they expected a decrease in battery life due to 5G integration with more powerful hardware.

The complaints suggest that the main issue is the amount of battery that is lost when the phone is idle. One such user, who also posted a screenshot of his iPhone battery statistics, contacted Apple Support and found that it could be a software issue causing the battery to drain.

iPhone 12 battery issue

Another user shared a screenshot which showed that the overnight battery consumption is a bit high given that the phone is on standby mode.

iPhone 12 battery issue

Apple has not released an official statement confirming the problem.