Is India prepared for 5G? Here are three important things for a successful launch

5g launch in india

After 3 decades of 1G launch, now we have reached a point for 5G launch in India. In recent years, we have heard a lot of speculations about the same. AS per reports, India is all set to enjoy its 5G network. This is not the first country to launch 5G, it is launched in 50 countries including France, the US, and South Korea. That’s a good thing to learn about mistakes to avoid and tips for a successful start of 5G in India.

Recently, the Department of Telecom (DOT) has approved the application from Telecom service providers (TSPs). Now, they can conduct their trials for commercial use of 5G in India. Our country is one of the largest and most populated , we need proper and strategic management for 5G’s commercial success. Here, we have discussed three points that could make this launch better.

We need to make wise investments for launch of 5G in India

As we all have seen, the Internet has evolved as a basic need in Covid-19 times. We all were locked in our homes but virtually attending our schools, offices and seeking medical help. It proved that digital inequality could be fatal and interfere with development in the long run. To avoid this chaos, 5G should reach every nook and corner of our country.

When 4G was launched, it didn’t require much investment and management as 5G. We have to do our set of preparations. It has a lot of prerequisites that need to be available for faster and better reach of networks in each part of the country. Companies should invest their money to buy proper equipment, spectrum, and fiber.

Our every need from education to banking, health, employment, and even entertainment is nowadays data-dependent. To fulfil all of these needs, companies should provide a seamless 5G network throughout the country.

For better implementation, every user-end should collaborate

For successful coverage and applications of the 5G network, we must need collaborations between regulators, local government bodies, CDNs providers (content delivery network), TSPs, OEMs, and Apps. These are must-have collaborations for successful applications of the 5G network. Every user-end needs to collaborate to avoid any kind of digital glitch.

Even for the launch of 5G some companies should collaborate. according to a recent report, Airtel has collaborated with TCS (Tata consultancy services). TATA group has developed O-RAN (open radio access network) to use in 5G display. In the coming year, we will be seeing more collaboration like this for launch of 5G in India.

DO experience-focused testing ,for higher success rate

Many experts say that India could be a pioneer of this technology but only with the right strategies and management. All the trials and testing for 5G should not only focus on the quality of the service but mainly be based on user experience over the network, app, and device.

A spectrum with proper architecture and deployment strategies is beneficial . The launch of 5G in India should focus on commercialization rather than making hotspots in some bigger cities and hubs. Use these above measures to avoid digital inequality while launching 5G in India.

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