PUBG Mobile India: All you need to know about downloading the game

Gaming enthusiasts across India are eagerly waiting for the launch of PUBG Mobile India version. Earlier this month, PUBG mobile had announced that the game will be making an official comeback in an all new avatar. Ever since the announcement on November 12, gamers are speculating the launch of PUBG mobile in India.

After being banned in Indian markets for a couple of months, PUBG mobile took Indian gaming -markets by the storm as they released trailers of comeback. Ahead of the official launch of much awaited PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), the APK link to download the game was briefly available on the website’s news section.

Many gamers have claimed that the APK for downloading PUBG mobile India appeared for a brief moment but it wasn’t working. The official website displayed two buttons for downloading PUBG mobile game. Out of these two options, one button redirected the users to an APK link while the other option landed on Google Play store. But both the links were disabled after a brief appearance on the website.

Amid all the speculations and fake download links, one question that remain unchanged is when will PUBG mobile be launched again in India? Well, the answer to this question might disappoint PUBG fans because there is no official statement from PUBG Corp. that supports the comeback.

The official page of PUBG Mobile India shared an image creative on Diwali, suggesting that the game might make a comeback. Ever since then, Indian fans are on their toes, waiting for the comeback of the mobile version of PUBG.

In reality, neither PUBG Corp. nor Central Government of India has issued any official statement that supports the launch of the game. As per various media reports, PUBG Mobile India website is under construction but the game-makers haven’t confirmed the relaunch of the game.

It is to be noted that PUBG Mobile India is one of the 118 mobile applications that were banned by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in September. The ministry hasn’t announced any relaxation on PUBG Mobile India.
South-Korean company that owns PUBG, KRAFTON, has made a deal with Microsoft Azure to ensure cloud-based platform for the gamers.