PUBG Mobile India comeback teaser released

All the PUBG Mobile fans in India are super excited as their favourite game is making a comeback. The game will reportedly return to India as publisher Krafton has tied up with new partners to meet the local laws.

The game will be named PUBG Mobile India and will come with some tweaks to suit the Indian sentiments. The publishers have teased PUBG Mobile India on social media, although there is no word on its actual release date yet.

The official channel of PUBG Mobile India has revealed no less than three teaser videos of the game, announcing the game’s return to the country.

In the videos, you can see how the absence of PUBG game has made the lives of its fans sad. In the end, there is a message which states that PUBG Mobile India is coming soon.

Coming soon, PUBG Mobile India

The official account of PUBG Mobile India had last week announced that the game is returning to India and will be called PUBG Mobile India. It has also said that the game will adhere to the local government laws.

Krafton, the parent company, has inked an agreement with Microsoft to use the Azure cloud services for storing the data of players in order to meet Indian government’s concerns over privacy.

The game will also get some changes to meet Indian needs. There will be more localised content which will be in-line with India. Moreover, some violent effects such as the blood effect will also be toned down.

According to Krafton, an Indian subsidiary with over 100 employees will also be set up in order to boost the esports ecosystem in India and local game development.

PUBG Corp will invest around 100 million dollar to help esports scene in India.

PUBG ban

The Indian government banned 118 Chinese apps, including PUBG Mobile, in the country in the wake of the border dispute with China.