PUBG Mobile India latest update: No response from govt on meeting request

PUBG Mobile India Latest Update: The launch of PUBG Mobile India has been delayed in the country for reasons yet unknown. The delay has left PUBG Corporation officials worried and they are now keen to meet the Indian government officials to get an approval for the launch of PUBG Mobile India.

Recent reports suggested that the Ministry of Electronics and Information technology (MEITY) has not given PUBG Corporation or any other entity in India permission to restart operations. This news has arrived as a disappointment for several PUBG fans in the country. However, officials from the newly formed company in India have officially asked MEITY to hold a meeting where they can discuss various aspects of the PUBG Mobile India launch.

According to the latest updates, PUBG executives have been repeatedly requesting the ministry to hold a meeting. However, PUBG’s request has yet to be approved by the ministry.

With the increasing demand, PUBG Corporation is desperate to relaunch this game in India. If they have the opportunity to meet the ministery officials, it will be clarified whether PUBG Mobile India will be launched in the country or not. Considering the current situation, it will not be easy for PUBG to relaunch the mobile game before January or February 2021 and that too will depend on the government stance.

The development comes amid the central government banning a bunch of Chinese apps one after another citing security concerns. At present, a banned company cannot simply operate by floating a new company. This also applies to Tik Tok or other mobile game.

To lift the ban, PUBG Corporation decided to stop authorising the PUBG Mobile franchise to China-based Tencent Games in India. However, PUBG Corp is preparing to launch an Indian version of PUBG game.

No response from ministry on PUBG officials’ meeting request

The MEITY has not responded yet to the request of PUBG officials to hold a meeting, sources have said.

According to InsideSport, it’s been more than four weeks now since the company officials have requested ministry officials for a meeting. Sources close to the company officials have informed InsideSport that MEITY is yet to respond to the request.

“Government is yet to respond to the request for the meeting. The game promoters are ready to comply to all norms set by the Indian government – but no response has comeback from the MEITY office”, told a source close to the game operators.