PUBG Mobile India release date: Know what Microsoft Azure said

PUBG Mobile India Release Date Update: There has been a lot of buzz around the release of PUBG Mobile India in the country.

As we all know, Krafton, the parent company, has inked an agreement with Microsoft to use the Azure cloud services for storing the data of players in order to meet Indian government’s concerns over privacy.

The latest piece of news is that Microsoft Azure has spoken on PUBG Mobile India Release Date.

“We don’t have any news to share at this time regarding PUBG Mobile India. Keep an eye on the official website for more information!”  they said.

Eager fans of the game have been spamming Microsoft Azure on Twitter ever since the coming soon posts were share by the PUBG Mobile India.

According to latest reports, PUBG Mobile India will initially be available for Android users, while it will be offered to the iOS users after a few days.

Fans in India have been spamming Microsoft Azure on social media asking about the PUBG Mobile India release date.

Microsoft Azure

A website exclusively launched for PUBG Mobile displays on official social media handle and links to its social media handles. It has not revealed any details on PUBG Mobile India release date.

Several users managed to access the news section on the PUBG Mobile India website but for short intervals. The APK download link as well as the Google Play Store link can also be seen on the website, although, they are not working yet. It looks like the website is currently under testing for the official release.