PUBG Mobile India update: List of confirmed features

PUBG Mobile India update: PUBG Mobile had previously been banned by the Indian government for security and privacy reasons. Both fans and players from India received the news they were eagerly awaiting for on November 12.

PUBG Corporation announced that was gearing up to release an Indian version of the game. The new version will come with some changes and will be slightly different from the global version of the game.

The content of the game will be modified and adapted to the needs and preferences of the players. These changes will create a healthy gaming culture.

List of confirmed features of PUBG Mobile India:

The Indian version of the game has been configured as a virtual training ground and includes the following changes:

#Default character clothing: All characters in the game will be fully dressed by default.

#Green Hit Effect: Players have the option to choose and change the color of the hit effect and the damage effect in the global and Korean versions of the game. However, according to the press release, the Indian version of the game will be locked to green, indicating the virtual nature of the game.

#Feature to limit the playtime: PUBG Corporation also announced in the press release that PUBG Mobile India will have a playtime limit feature to help ensure healthy gaming habits among younger audiences.

The press release also stated that the South Korean company has plans to have a branch office or subsidiary in India. PUBG Mobile India has now been setup as a private limited company in the country.

The company also announced plans to invest $ 100 million in the country, which will help develop related industries in the country. According to the press release, they also plan to host an exclusive esports league for the Indian region.