Simple steps to add sticky notes to iPhone home screen

Sticky notes come handy when you quickly want to note down something important and access it easily. We have generally been using sticky notes on desktops but this cute thing can also make way to your iPhone home screen. This can be done using a third-party widget app called sticky widgets, which is a free application. This app is quite similar to the original sticky notes and gives the same experience. So, here is how to add sticky notes to iPhone home screen.

1. After downloading the app, go to your phone’s home screen. Tap and hold on the empty part of the home screen and you will enter the “Jiggle” mode. Tap the (+) button on the top left.

2. Scroll down and tap on Sticky Widgets.

3. You will get a preview of three different sizes of the widget. Choose the size – small, medium or large – then tap on the “Add Widget” button and drop it to your home screen.

4. After dropping the widget and placing it properly, tab the done button.

5. To open and edit the widget’s contents, tap on the widget.

6. Type the text you want and then finally, hit the “save” button and you are done.

When you return to your iPhone’s home screen, the Sticky Widgets will show you the updated note. You can even customize the background as well as the font in the widget by choosing the “Edit Widget” option. You can change colours between yellow, pink, and blue options.

You can also add more widgets and can even have multiple sticky notes on your home screen that can be stacked on top of each other.