Squad becomes part of Twitter

Twitter has acquired Squad, and the team of the screen-sharing app will soon begin its work to improve the conversation space of one of the most popular social networking platform, the Chief Executive Officer of Squad, Esther Crawford, wrote in a Medium post.

Describing her plan to improve the conversation space of the microblogging site, the Chief Executive Officer of the screen-sharing app, Esther Crawford said, “Specifically, we’ll be bringing our expertise in audio and video to the creation space — and are looking forward to building new formats that allow for fun, meaningful & engaging conversations.”

“Twitter is the place where the world meets up to talks to each other, and I love that we’ll get to bring new types of interaction and self-expression to hundreds of millions of customers,” she added.

Talking about the process to be followed after the acquisition of the app by Twitter, she said, “As part of the acquisition we’ll be shutting down Squad on December 12th so we can focus on building inside of Twitter’s app.”

Revisiting the time period when the app was found and introduced to the market, she said, “Four and a half years ago when my cofounder Ethan Sutin and I started the company we were determined to build a consumer social product whose purpose and the mission was rooted in facilitating the authentic connection. We saw the problem of loneliness and wanted to use technology to help solve it.”

“Many of the decisions I made during the first 18 months of the company’s life were made from a place of insecurity. I worried too much about what other people thought or what other companies did. It wasn’t until I became friends with a bunch of other founders that I understood how common and normal my feelings were” she added.