Steps to solve Math problems using Google Lens

A calculator is a cool tool to solve math problems but it becomes a headache when it comes to typing the equation. For this, Google Lens comes as a handy and useful tool and it is easy to use because it can solve your math problem simply by taking a photo. Here is how to solve Math problems using Google Lens on Android, iPhone and iPad using the universal method.

1. Scan a math problem either from a piece of paper or a digital display.

2. On your Android phone or tablet, iPhone, or iPad, open the “Google” app. Tap the “Lens” icon on the right side of the search bar.

3. Go to “Homework” option available on the toolbar at the bottom.

4. Scan the math problem you wish to solve using your device’s camera, taking the equation inside the button. Then, tap the “Shutter” button.

5. The question at the top of the card should be correct. If you want to see the steps taken to get the solution, tap “Steps to Solve”. The solution can be seen at the bottom.

6. If you want to solve a different equation from the same picture, tap “T” which can be seen above the solution card.

7. Select the next solution you want to solve, the solution will again be displayed at the bottom.

In case, Google is unable to find a solution or gives an inadequate response, pull up on the card and you will get full Google Search results with solutions from other sources.