Telegram Vs WhatsApp: The War of Words on Twitter

Telegram Vs WhatsApp: The War of Words
Image Credit: Twitter

It’s an official war between Telegram and WhatsApp, and telegram is not leaving any single excuse to knock down WhatsApp. As WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy on Saturday, instant messaging platforms like Telegram and Facebook-owned platform attacked each other with words by sharing tweets on the Twitter.

It all started with telegram taunting WhatsApp by tweeting a meme that state “it is time to bin” WhatsApp and Facebook.

And the war begins :

Telegram shared another screenshot and wrote “@WhatsApp Our users know how things work, and have the open source apps to PROVE it. You… talk to the screenshot.”, in its reply to WhatsApp.

Telegram did not hold itself here. It replied to many Twitter users on its “bin” tweet with savage insult about WhatsApp. Some of the replies by Telegram are:

In January, Telegram shared a pic of two spiderman pointing fineger towards each other fitted with WhatsApp and Telegram icon as an alternative on their face, standing in entrance of NYPD automobile.

Regarding its privacy policy, WhatsApp has cleared that its customers is not going to loose their privacy of accounts or face curtailed functionalities on the platform on May 15, but they will have to eventually go through limited functions if they fail to accept the new norms in the due course of time.

Users will receive constant reminders to review privacy policy and after certain reminders the functions will get limited until the update is accepted.

Access to chat lists, unable to receive WhatsApp calls and notifications will be some of the limited functionality.

On Thursday, a senior Ministry of Electronics and IT official said during an Assocham event that the government is pro-actively looking at the best possible action over the new WhatsApp privacy policy.

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