These awesome Instagram tricks can boost your profile

Instagram is one of the most used and most engaged social media platforms with over 100 million users in India alone. There are a number of influencers with thousands of followers. If you also want to become an influencer, you need to keep certain things in mind. First of all, you need to be super active on the platform. Unique content helps you grow.

Here are some tricks that can help you become an Instagram influencer:

1. Creater profile

Instagram gives its users two profile options – personal and creator. All you need to do is to make sure you are switched to a creator profile, which gives you additional features like access to insights, branded content options, promotion payments for advertising and a smarter profile look. How to switch to creator profile? It’s easy, go to settings, then account, tap on the switch to creater profile, it will be activated and u need to set it up.

2. Personalised hashtag

Working as a tagline, personalised hashtags gives your content a better reach, so make sure to employ them in your posts. A single click or search of the hashtag help users find your content and discover more posts from you.

3. Story archives

As the name suggests, story archives keeps all your story posts saved in the app for easy access later. To access these, you simply need to tap the menu button and then select the archive option. You also get an option to share your photos, save or share them directly as a post. Highly-engaged stories can be used as a post to get more views.

4. Quick replies

To be able to grow on Instagram, you need to be active and interact with the messages and comments you receive, and here the quick replies feature comes handy. Instead of investing a lot of time in replies, you can use quick replies which are standard replies or comments. It is an easy and time-saving feature. Here’s how to use it –Open settings, tap on creator, open quick replies. You need to type a full message and create a text shortcut. For example, full message could be “Thank you so much”,  while the shortcut could be “tysm”. Every time you type”tysm”, it will replace your text with the full text.

5. Profile description

Profile description describes your identity on any social media platform. Make sure your profile description is creative and as unique as your content. You can go for an online custom font typing website. You can type your text, choose an attractive font and then copy it in the custom font. Paste this font in your profile description to make your profile text look stand-out and stylish.

6. Hide hashtags

Hashtags are definitely important to make your posts discoverable but then long multiple hashtags below your posts do not look neat and clean. You can hide these hashtags from your posts for a cleaner look. Here’s how you can hide them- type the post text, then press enter, in the next line just put a full stop. Repeat these steps of putting a full stop in the next five lines. After that, paste your hashtag list. This way, users will see your post with your text description, followed by three dots with an option show more.