These ‘sugar dating’ apps will face Google Play Store ban, find out why

Google Playstore
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Google Play Store has revised its content policy taking in account the use of its applications for sexual content that includes ‘Sugar Dating’ apps that deal with foul sexual relationships.

Content policy

The search engine giant has announced the prohibition of these apps along with other changes in the policy meant to restrict improper content which are going to be applied from September 1st.

Besides, Google Play Store would also be adding improvements in its Enforcement and family policies, previewing app set IDs and Device Policy, Permissions Policy and Network Abuse Policy that are going to be applicable from September this year.

‘Sugar dating’ apps

The biggest change of policy being brought by Google considering all the other policy changes is the ban of ‘Sugar Dating’ apps.

The search engine giant has placed total ban on the sexual content and the Inappropriate Content policy is getting updated in order to renew the ban. As reported several apps like SDM, Sugar Daddy, Spoil and Sugar Daddy in Play Store deals with the area.

Safety of users

The Google cited by the reports says that while encouraging its developers, it pursues the safety of its users sincerely and as the compensation for the acts of sexual nature these applications would be banned taking in account the feedback sent over to the company by government, NGOs and user advocacy groups.

The deadline

The developers are required to abide by the changes in the policy by September 1, added the tech giant. Furthermore, abandoned developer accounts that have been inactive for over a year would be shut down by Google taking some other factors in account and a new section has been added in the Enforcement Policy of Play Store for the same.

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