Twitter begins rolling out Clubhouse like Service Space

Twitter to soon allow users to undo tweets

Popular social networking platform Twitter Inc is rolling out a Clubhouse rival feature called Spaces for Android and iOS phone users.

Those who want to take advantage of this new feature just need to update their Twitter app by visiting app stores.

The new feature enables users with emojis, automatic captions, the ability to share Tweets, and some other facilities.

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Notably, it is public and appears in the Fleetline on the timeline of a user’s followers. ‘Spaces’ remains live as long as it is open. Any Twitter user can join and listen to a ‘Space live.’ As many as 11 people including the host are allowed to speak during the live.

Steps to create ‘Space’ on Twitter

  • Visit the store, update the Twitter app, and open it on your phone
  • Press on Tweet compose icon and choose the space icon
  • A new page will appear where you will have to answer “Who can speak?’ by selecting any of three options, Everyone, People you follow, or only those whom you invite to speak.
  • After completing the above-mentioned step, you will need to click on Start your space button.

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