Twitter is making a lot of progress in its accountability: CEO Jack Dorsey

Twitter is making a lot of progress in its accountability: CEO Jack Dorsey
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India Thursday announced a host of regulations for social media firms like Twitter and OTT platforms. The new rules require them to remove any inflammatory content flagged by authorities within 36 hours. It also calls for setting up a complaint redressal mechanism with an officer being based in the country.

The new social media norms in India come in the wake of a spat between the government and Twitter over certain messages on farmer protests. The government sees these messages as objectionable enough.

Now Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is saying that Twitter is making a lot of progress in its accountability.

“We are lacking in transparency and giving people more choice and control,” he said. We are doing so by owning our mistakes and correcting, and reliability by following published principles and not wavering.

He says that social media entities are facing a significant trust deficit. Moreover, he pledged to make content moderation practices more transparent.

“We agree many people don’t trust us. Never has this been more pronounced than the last few years… And we aren’t alone: every institution is experiencing a significant trust deficit,” he added.

His comments come at a time when there is a flood of misinformation going on social media. And companies like Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp are facing the wrath of governments, citizens thereby leading to a trust deficit.

The newly introduced guidelines make it mandatory for platforms such as Twitter and WhatsApp to identify the originator of a message that authorities consider to be anti-national or against security and sovereignty of India.

Dorsey also spoke about working on doubling Twitter’s development velocity by end of 2023.

This will result in doubling the number of features per employee that directly drive revenue.

Key highlights of the new rules for OTT, Twitter and other social media platforms:

-Digital Media will also follow Press Council Code.

-A 3-stair mechanism for OTT platforms. OTT and digital news media shall disclose their details.

-Furthermore, registration not mandatory, the government is just seeking information.

-All media platforms must have the same justice system.

-Moreover, the new guidelines will come into effect in 3 months from now.

-The platforms will also disclose the first originator of the mischievous tweet.

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