Twitter loses legal protection in India for failing to comply with new IT rules

Twitter loses legal protection in India for failing to comply with new IT rules
Image: Pexel

Twitter on Wednesday became the first US-based social media platform to lose legal protection in India. This comes after a series of events that eventually led it to lose its legal protection in the country.

For now, Twitter continues to maintain that it is making every effort to comply with the new IT rules.

This means that Twitter will now be held responsible for tweets, data hosted by it. It will be editorially responsible for the posts. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Moreover, if there is any charge against Twitter, then it will be liable for any punishment under any law. And the law means it can fall under the arena of IPC as well.

As per the section 79 of the Information Technology Act 2020, an intermediary will be exempted from liability for any third-party information, data or communication link made available or hosted by it.

It will be exempted if the function of the intermediary is “limited to providing access to a communication system over which information made available by third parties is transmitted or temporarily stored or hosted”.

Twitter has failed to comply with the intermediary guidelines. Despite multiple opportunities, Twitter chose to not comply. Twitter will no longer remain a third party in India.

Union IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad asserts that Twitter still does not comply with the new IT guidelines despite being multiple opportunities.

He further justifies the action saying that in a country like India, with the amplification of social media, even a small spark can cause a fire. He further adds that this remains one of the many reasons why the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules are important.

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