Want to secure your privacy on Instagram? Read this

secure your instagram
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Instagram is a Facebook owned social media app, which needs no introduction. Currently there are millions of active users on Instagram.

Apart from all the features you enjoy, a lot of people compain about bullying, harassment and hacking on Instagram.

To make yourself very much secure and enjoy your privacy on this social media app, you can use these below mentioned steps.

Use Two factor authenticationon Instagram

Two factor authentication assures you that no hacker can use your Instagram without physically using your device, even if they know your password.

To enable two factor authentication in this social media app, select settings menu and tap “security”. Here you will get an option of Two factor authentication, tap on it to get started. It works similarly as  Google’s Two factor authentication.

Limit unnecessary/bullying interaction

If someone is trying to send you some inappropriate messages or posting comments on your pictures, you can block them. You can also report their account, Instagram has very strict policies for invading privacy. Their account can also get suspended from this social media app.

Instagram has recently introduced a feature “restrict” if you want to restrict any particular person’s comments or notifications, this is the best option.  Once you restrict anyone, their comments will not be visible on your profile unless you approve them.

Instagram also provides you with a feature to hide your Instagram story from someone or you can make a list of close friends to make your story visible only to them.

Make your account private

This social media app has a very special feature where you can make your account private. This “private account” allows you to control  your privacy.

No one can view your activities or posts and even cannot send you any message without your approval of their follow requests. You have to accept their follow request in order to make your posts or activities visible to them.

To enable this feature, select, “settings” menu, go to privacy and tap on, “private account” option.

Check your login activity on Instagram

Sometimes it might happen, we use our Instagram in some other devices and forget to log out. Instagram has an option where you can check, login device as well as location.

If both, device and location seems familiar you need not to worry about it but in case of some unfamiliar options, you can easily log out from the device or can change your password.

Hide your activity status

When you are actively using this social media app, a green dot appears on your profile. If you don’t want to share your active status, you can manually turn it off.

To turn it off, Go to settings, Tap on privacy and disable activity status.

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