WhatsApp: 6 new features expected in 2021

WhatsApp is working on a series of features. Some of them are being tested by the company, while others are undergoing the development process.

Those WhatsApp features that are ready for launch are being enlisted here in this article. Have a look at what your favorite instant messaging App is planning to offer you in 2021.

Access on many devices at a time

Back in November 2020, WhatsApp was discovered testing multiple device access in the beta version of the app for the iPhone. The users of this application would become able to access their WhatsApp account simultaneously on more than two devices. Currently, WhatsApp can be run on only two devices at a time.

Video/voice call facility on WhatsApp web and desktop app

Currently, WhatsApp doesn’t support video/voice calls on its Web version and desktop App for Windows and macOS. But the speculations about the company’s plan to offer a voice/video call facility on the web version and Desktop App are doing round.

Mute video

Currently, WhatsApp doesn’t allow its users to mute video calls. But the most popular messaging app is widely expected to introduce a new feature, which will enable users to mute their video calls.

Read Later

Read Later will work as Archive works on the current version of WhatsApp. It will allow users to move their chats into “Read Later” to stop receiving notifications for the same. This feature will also ‘vacation mode.’ The users will be able to customize the setting with the edit button.

WhatsApp insurance  

WhatsApp users will soon be able to buy insurance through their favorite messaging app. It is ready to launch health insurance and micro-pension products on its social networking platform.

Join missed group calls 

WhatsApp users will soon be able to join group calls anytime between the group conversation on the platform.  A group call will not need to be restarted if any of the invited members has failed to join the call from the beginning.