WhatsApp OTP scam: What is it and how to protect yourself

Beware of the WhatsApp OTP scam which has been doing rounds these days where scammers trick you into revealing an OTP sent to your mobile number and then take control of your account.

What is the modus operandi of the WhatsApp OTP scam?

In WhatsApp OTP scam, the scammers use an OTP to hack into your WhatsApp account. The WhatsApp message can be in any form, either from an unknown number or from a friend.

These scammers then pose themselves in some kind of emergency situation and request an OTP that they seem to have accidentally sent to your number.

What should you do when you find yourself in such a situation?

If you get any such message, do not contact the sender. Never share the OTP with anyone, even if it comes via a number sent by your friend. Because, the moment you give the OTP, the hacker will gain access to your WhatsApp and the full control of the same will go to the hacker.

This access can be misused by the hacker who can then reach out to other people in your contact using the same tricks.

How you can protect your WhatsApp account?

To protect your WhatsApp account, you can also enable two-step verification to make your account more secure. Two-step verification is an optional feature. This increases the security of your WhatsApp account.

After registering your phone number on WhatsApp, you will see the two-step verification screen.

By activating the two-step verification, you get the option to enter your email address.

This lets WhatsApp send you a reset link on your email in case you forget your PIN code and protect your account.

To make it easier for you to remember your PIN code, WhatsApp will ask you to enter it periodically.

However, there is no option to disable this option without disabling the two-step verification feature.