WhatsApp Payment: All you need to know

WhatsApp Pay has been launched for users. Users can now send and receive the money within the app through chats.

UPI supported app will enable users to send money to anyone among the users of the service. The payment service of WhatsApp was launched in partnership with the National Corporation of India (NPCI). Whatsapp has a user base of 400-million in the country, but the payment services will be available to only 20 million users.

According to a statement released by NPCI, third-party apps would not be allowed to carry out over 30 of UPI transactions. Whatsapp comes under the same rule, which will come into effect from January 1, 2021.  Those who have already got this service on their smartphones can use this service by following the steps given below.

WhatsApp Payment: How to send money

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Go into the WhatsApp inbox and open the chat to whom you want to send money.
  •  Click on the attachment icon
  • Click on the Payment option
  • A list of banks will be displayed on your phone screen.
  • Select a bank to link your account.
  • Users will be asked to verify their numbers through messages.
  • After number verification, users can select a bank account with which they want to link to the WhatsApp Pay service.
  • After linking a bank account with the payment service successfully, users will get a notification “Payment complete, you can now send payments in WhatsApp. Open a chat and tap the attachment icon to start sending.”
  • To receive money through the app, users need to have Whatsapp pay services on their phones. Users can ask any pay service user to notify them if they do not have this service on their phones.
  • The sender will get a notification message once the recipient is ready to receive the money through the payment service.
  •  Users will then be asked to set up a payment account. After selecting an option for setting up a payment account, users will be able to create their payment account on Whatsapp.