WhatsApp to roll out this interesting feature update soon

WhatsApp to roll out this new interesting feature update soon
Image: Pexels

WhatsApp is known for making overnight changes and tweaks. But this time it is for good. WhatsApp will be rolling out a new update. This pertains to the way images and videos are displayed in message threads.

Now WhatsApp will be showing more of the image in-line, unlike earlier, cropping them down to fit. This new image display update will show bigger visuals in WhatsApp. Or you can say it will better represent the full context in vision.

This update in WhatsApp will also make it easier to display images in your message threads. Moreover, it could also facilitate new options for business users.

This WhatsApp update is a part of making the messaging platform even more user-friendly. That will help users see a better representation of what comes in message threads.

This update aims at making it easier to focus on maximizing your messaging. WhatsApp will be rolling it out from Saturday in the app’s latest version.

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